It seems like every year, Lawrence is blessed with new acts that make stunning new impressions. Next month, we’ll be bringing some of those acts to the Jackpot stage for our annual installment of “SXSW Bound.”
The two-day event at the Jackpot helps raise money for bands and press heading down to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, which many consider a rite of passage for bands. We do our best to get them there and put them on stages at the festival. Attending “SXSW Bound” (for the low, low price of $3) helps I Heart Local Music in that mission.
Here’s the lineup for this year’s party:

Friday, February 12th:


Stiff Middle Fingers

Stiff Middle Fingers go fast and furious, and have a knack for thrilling their audience. This is the band that played four shows in four cities in one day late last year. It’s a testament to their stamina, as well as the madman-of-a-singer’s fondness for agitating the audience (this might include slight nudity). Come for the perfectly executed punk ballads, stay to watch the singer scale the walls like some sort of cockroach.

Real Adults

Real Adults loves to noodle around on the guitar while the frontman stares down and intimidates their audience. These musicians enjoy the world of psych rock without any pretense. They can get as experimental as they want to be, free of boundaries, and it only propels them further with an audience that likes to get down and get weird.

Wendy Moira

Wendy Moira is the band that local bands love to see, and they’ve gotten very popular very fast. The punk rockers have lately been known for drawing wild crowds who tend to instigate a riotous state on the floor thanks to the band’s femme-fury-fueled lyrics. They tend to grow more commanding of their act with every performance, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you break a bone during their set.

BLKFLANL (Barrel Maker x ConducterWilliams)

You really can’t talk about the local hip hop scene without mentioning Barrel Maker. The man has been an invisible force behind the scenes, constantly helping other acts craft music videos to enhance their tracks. But when he finally hits the stage, he goes at it full gallop with an unmatched energy through the very end. With ConducterWilliams by his side, the powerhouse will surely be good ‘till the last drop.

Saturday, February 13th:


Arc Flash

By now Arc Flash has attracted perhaps the wildest audience in town. The two-piece garage rockers refer to themselves as space punks. Their furiously thrashing sets are nothing short of impressive, and they sport an even more furiously thrashing fanbase cheering them on. Come to see how just two people can make so much noise, stay for the infamous costumes.

Ebony Tusks

Ebony Tusks has spent the better part of 2015 delivering one jaw-dropping performance after another. Watching this rapper hit the stage is like watching an influential preacher give a powerful sermon. Marty Hillard’s words bring great solidarity to the audience, but his magnetic off-the-mic presence is what could restore your faith in hip hop.

Young Bull

Young Bull is a band of loud and brutal beefcakes constantly carrying out auditory assailments on the ears. At times, the rockers are too big for the stage and bring their presence within inches of your face. They’ll bring loud riffs, crashing drums, and a singer full of attitude.


Vedettes are filling the rock and roll void in LFK by mastering the art of the crescendo, the buildup, and the release. With a roaringly soulful voice and gnarly guitar riffs, this is throbbing-in-your-groin music. Rock and roll comes from the crotch, and Vedettes are going to light your crotch on fire.


Toughies are an adorable box of kittens disguised as a band. When they emerged on the scene last year, it was one of the few times that hype turned out to be legitimate in this town. The doe-eyed performers will have you swaying lightly to their breezy music, while their high-pitched harmonies will have you wishing summer lasted forever.
“SXSW Bound” would not be possible without the help of our sponsors, Eleven Productions and Love Garden.
You can RSVP to the event on Facebook here, where we will post regular updates on the show.



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