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Photo Gallery: Prof / Cashinova / J. Plaza / C Dot Castro

Prof fans / Photo by Fally Afani Sold out shows with crowds like the one packed into the Granada on Saturday can really go two
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Photo Gallery: Juneteenth with Macy Gray

Macy Gray / Photo by Fally Afani One of the announcers said it best: Juneteenth felt less like a festival, and more like a family
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Approach takes on the unimaginable grief of losing a parent in new music

There’s a type of grief that most of us are never prepared for, the one that sidelines you on a random day of the week.

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Photo Gallery: Manor Fest 5

Throwing an all-local music festival is no easy task, but Manor Records always seems up to the challenge. For the fifth year, they've assembled an
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Cupcakke brought the big gay party to Liberty Hall

Jesus Christ, where do we start with this show. It's one thing to be a little fashionably late to the party, it's another to feel
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Photo Gallery: JPEGMAFIA / Deem Spencer

It's been a long time since we felt the floor of the Granada shake so heavily, but JPEGMAFIA's got the ability to make it happen.
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Arquesta Del SolSoul releases dreamy new track

We’re in the dog days of Summer, and as we count down the days to cooler weather it’s time to lean into the haziest of

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Cuee had top surgery and immediately shot a music video to celebrate

All we want for all of our trans friends is to see them living their best lives. The finest example of this sentiment that we

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Hip-hop ruled Saturday night in Lawrence

We've often lamented that there's not often a steady place to see hip-hop shows on the regular in Lawrence (other than the Replay). But on
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Brotha Newz releases album based off 90’s martial arts show WMAC Masters

One of the more promising rap acts we saw over the last year was Brotha Newz. When we saw him hit the Replay last fall,