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Killing It: Killith Faire to feature lineup of wild women

It’s not hard to find accomplished women and femme-identifying performers in the regional scene. That’s why when Kristin Conkright, of Frogpond, started organizing Killith Faire

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Listen: The Roseline releases new protest song “Hang ‘Em High”

Lawrence loves a good roots band, and The Roseline is one of those leading the charge. But their latest album, Keystone of the Heart, takes

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“A musical Pompeii”: The Darkness’ Frankie Poullain on 20 years of their detonative rock and roll

There’s a reason I Heart Local Music never misses a show with The Darkness. The British rockers bring a class of rock and roll to

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Trans artists and drag performers band together to connect LGBTQIA+ artists to the community

When trans musician Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, of The Creepy Jingles, saw anti-trans bills sweeping one legislature after another in this country, she felt what a

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Lawrence musician tackles comedy and mental health in new musical

It’s pretty easy to dive head-first into the arts in Lawrence, Kansas. You can play music, spend time onstage at the theatre, or even find

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Cuban-American fronted hardcore band gearing up for Kansas City show

A peer recently pointed out to us how rare it is to come across longevity in the hardcore scene, but one Kansas City band is

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Local music takes the spotlight in upcoming Burlesque show

There’s nothing we love more than when art scenes collide. This Saturday at the Replay, the worlds of burlesque and local music will slam dance

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Cutting Ties: Heidi Gluck releases calculated and intense new music

When we first gave Heidi Gluck’s new album Migrate or Die a listen, it felt like a familiar dark shadow. We’ve known this feeling before, the

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Like riding a bike: Fourth of July reuniting for High Dive Records anniversary show

One of the region’s most treasured musical resources is celebrating, and they’ve called up a few old friends for the task. High Dive Records, out

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Radkey to headline fundraiser for musicians’ mental healthcare

If there’s one thing the community has learned during the pandemic, it’s just how valuable Midwest Music Foundation is. The Kansas City organization is known