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The Roseline release live album recorded in Norway

For reasons we still don’t quite understand, The Roseline is a hit in Nordic countries. When they’re not winning over audiences in Lawrence, they’re on

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Photo Gallery: Lauren Lovelle and the Midnight Spliffs / Jass / Liney Blu

There's a new crop of young artists in the scene making a return to old (like, old) country music while turning the genre on its head
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Local Festivals and Big Names Coming to Lawrence this July

We know it’s hot, but we’ve got a couple more festivals and outdoor events to get through this Summer. We start July strong with a

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Photo Gallery: Kaw River Roots Fest Bluegrass Brunch

Bluegrass Brunch was the extra serving of the 4th Kaw River Roots Festival in Lawrence, Kansas, on Sunday, June 23rd. Lucia hosted several acts not
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Photo Gallery: Pixies / Modest Mouse at the Starlight

Modest Mouse / Photo by Fally Afani Black Francis and Isaac Brock are not men of many words. But the frontmen for Pixies and Modest
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Photo Gallery: Kaw River Roots Fest 2024

It feels like every year, Kaw River Roots Fest surprises us with a little more. This year was no exception, as they proved that despite
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Day Sleeper releases sludgy new track “In the Garden”

There was a time when psych rock ruled the local music landscape in Lawrence. But then COVID hit, and the landscape changed. Some bands dropped

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Listen: The Fun Guy release new album “From the Attic to the Underground”

The season is ripe for political discontent and a revolution. The Fun Guy’s latest album provides a pretty good soundtrack for such an occasion. From

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Photo Gallery: Sarah McLachlan / Feist

Sarah McLachlan / Photo by Fally Afani The Starlight in Kansas City had a bit of a Canadian invasion over the weekend when Sarah McLachlan