There’s a new crop of young artists in the scene making a return to old (like, old) country music while turning the genre on its head at the same time. One of the bands leading that charge is Lauren Lovelle and the Midnight Spliffs. This band is so delightful, we had to see them twice this weekend (once at the Replay on Friday, and another time at Lucia on Saturday). Each time, the lineup was different. But both times, they were ear candy for Loretta-Lynn-era honky tonk and outlaw country. They were joined on this night by Kansas City’s Jass, who we could have sworn hasn’t been back to Lawrence in about a year. The wait paid off, as Jass delivered an energized set that ended in an enthusiastic sing-a-long (and flute stuff!). Liney Blu is one of the more talented songwriters on the scene, putting together an all-star act of locals who give us beautiful rhythms and heartbreaking lyrics about gender exploration and the like. Liney Blu tends to perform just as much solo as they do with the band, and we refuse to pick which version we love more because somehow, the mood is always just right when they hit the stage.

Photos from the night below:



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