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New Releases
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The Roseline release live album recorded in Norway

For reasons we still don’t quite understand, The Roseline is a hit in Nordic countries. When they’re not winning over audiences in Lawrence, they’re on

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Day Sleeper releases sludgy new track “In the Garden”

There was a time when psych rock ruled the local music landscape in Lawrence. But then COVID hit, and the landscape changed. Some bands dropped

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Listen: The Fun Guy release new album “From the Attic to the Underground”

The season is ripe for political discontent and a revolution. The Fun Guy’s latest album provides a pretty good soundtrack for such an occasion. From

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Listen: MellowPhobia release new album “The Act of Loving In Return”

It’s been a while since we’ve had a really well-produced local indie album come our way, but MellowPhobia continues to check all our boxes. The