Every Spring, as new life arrives and the sun draws us out, we like to continue a darling tradition as part of our “sings to a baby” series. This is where we find and record a musician or band singing to a baby. In the past, we’ve done this with Carswell & Hope, The Roseline, and Unfit Wives. This year, we continue the beloved tradition with Jenna and Martin serenading their own baby, Cody Ray, who has been on this Earth for just a few weeks.

Imagine hitting the family/genetic jackpot and growing up in a home where both parents can sing and harmonize with each other. No offense to my Baba and Mother (who never sang in the same language yet alone in tune with each other), but we think baby Cody really lucked out here. His mother is part of the power bluegrass group Unfit Wives, and his father is a man-about-town you’ll often see with the likes of Blue Station Drifters and The Beer Bellies (both, however, also have solo careers). We recorded the roots duo at their home in the countryside, surrounded by calm cattle, migrating birds, and one of those out-of-this-world Kansas sunsets.

You can watch the video below before catching them at the Sunday Roundup at Lucia on Sunday, April 16th (early show, starts at 3:00 p.m.). Special video cameo by our favorite tall dog Roy, who is definitely protective of and doting on the baby at the beginning of the clip and continued to guard yours truly from him (good boy Roy!).



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