Eggs on Mars / Photo by John Knepper

If you ask Eggs on Mars, their new album Warm Breakfast is “a happy record with sad songs, or maybe a sad record with happy songs.” Regardless, the self-described “somber pop” group’s new album is bringing back an indie sound that’s been absent from the scene.

Though tracks like their singles “Wrong Way” and “All’s Well Elsewhere” have a more melancholy vibe, the vocal harmonies are to die for (you’ll be throwing that track on while you lay in the garden sunning yourself this Summer). While the Kansas City band previously defined themselves as “psych rock,” we’re seeing a heavy influence to 90’s indie sounds while tackling some tougher subject matter in the lyrics. Eggs on Mars say their lyrical themes touch on “finding joy in life’s simple pleasures as a means to deal with its inherent chaos and disappointments.”

We recommend listening to the album, embedded below, on your next lazy Sunday. They play Manor Fest 5 at the Replay on Friday, May 19.

You can watch the video for “All’s Well Elsewhere” below:



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