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The Tuesday Concert Series is a Lawrence delight

Yes, sometimes even early in the week, you need to just get out of the house and enjoy a good local show. That’s where the

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A bunch of local musicians appeared in a music video for a well-known voice actor

Gotta say, this was a pretty big Easter egg for fans of both local music and voice actors (me). A lot of you may not

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Lawrence musician tackles comedy and mental health in new musical

It’s pretty easy to dive head-first into the arts in Lawrence, Kansas. You can play music, spend time onstage at the theatre, or even find

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Photo Gallery: Heidi Gluck / Frightened Stag / Daniel Gum

Heidi Gluck / Photo by Fally Afani We've had a lot of well-crafted hometown shows lately, and this one is taking a place at the
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Cutting Ties: Heidi Gluck releases calculated and intense new music

When we first gave Heidi Gluck’s new album Migrate or Die a listen, it felt like a familiar dark shadow. We’ve known this feeling before, the

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Photo Gallery: Juneteenth with Macy Gray

Macy Gray / Photo by Fally Afani One of the announcers said it best: Juneteenth felt less like a festival, and more like a family
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Photo Gallery: Barenaked Ladies / Semisonic / Del Amitri

Barenaked Ladies / Photo by Fally Afani In the family unit of 90's bands, Barenaked Ladies are always going to be the fun uncle. The
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Photo Gallery: Friendly Thieves / Flash Floods

Have you ever seen a band just knock it out of the park during their first time in town? If you were at the Jazzhaus
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Approach takes on the unimaginable grief of losing a parent in new music

There’s a type of grief that most of us are never prepared for, the one that sidelines you on a random day of the week.