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Watch: Radkey played the KU Men’s Basketball game

Full disclosure of conflict of interest: Editor Fally Afani is an employee of the KU School of Music and therefore connected with the KU Men’s

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Sunday afternoons are now for music lovers

There’s no such thing as a lazy Sunday in Lawrence. We’ve seen more afternoon shows popping up, and the community is taking notice. Kaw Valley

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Photo Gallery: Cannibal Corpse / Dark Funeral / Immolation / Black Anvil

Saturday night was for the headbangers. If you were up for George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's challenge (and taunts) to out-headbang him, you likely felt it the
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Photo Gallery: Jackoffs / Big Fat Cow / Liney Blu / June Henry

The DIY spirit was alive and well at White Schoolhouse on Friday, as fans disregarded stunningly frigid temperatures and opted for a rowdy show inside
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Listen: The Roseline releases “Hot Dice”

It’s hard not to feel a little grim as the days get grayer and the sun disappears sooner. The Roseline’s Colin Halliburton dives head-first into

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Good vibes ruled the Carly Rae Jepsen show in Kansas City

On Friday night, fans braved what was likely the wettest November on record for Kansas City when they fought a monsoon to go see Carly
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Don’t forget your dancing shoes! November’s Best Bets for live music in Lawrence

Now that the thrill of Rocktober has worn off (hahaha, just kidding, we’re still sore from Halloweekend), is it time to slow down and take

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What an average Saturday looks like for music lovers in Lawrence, Kansas

Really, having too many shows to go to is a good problem to have. The Roseline / Photo by Fally Afani Lawrence, Kansas, is a
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Phoenix brought their artistic vision to life in Kansas City

Phoenix / Photo by Fally Afani Through all the horrific events of the pandemic, some artists found the strength to seek out opportunities to create
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Ani DiFranco brought new music to feminist fans at Liberty Hall

It feels like wherever there is Ani DiFranco, something gay and cool is happening. Well lo and behold, right before our Lord and Savior took