If you scrounge around the Replay long enough, you’ll always run into the newest up-and-coming punk bands. Friday night’s set was no different, featuring a four-band lineup of loud and obstreperous acts from the region.

The first half of Friday night’s set was dedicated to some good old-fashioned shrill lady rage– and while there is plenty to be angry about in the unjust world these days, the overwhelming theme still appears to be “ugh, MEN.”

Cat F!ght / Photo by Fally Afani

Locals Cat F!ght debuted a new song and a newish guitarist who’s been with the band for the last couple of months but shreds like they’ve been playing for years. Estrogen Projection, out of Lincoln, Nebraska, confided that this was their first out-of-state show, then blessed the crowd with breakup songs (we love that one of their songs is called “Fuck you Scott Pilgrim”). Wichita’s Breeding Brainbow were one of the highlights of the night with a more polished sound reminiscent of a punker version of Hum. Lawrence’s Discotek Mama closed out the night with their increasingly lawless noise-rock.

Photos from the night below:



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