Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears / Photo by Fally Afani

It’s not every day a living blues legend makes their way to Lawrence, but the town was abuzz for Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears at the Bottleneck on Wednesday night.

Threats of tornado weather couldn’t keep fans away from the band’s driving rhythms and raw lyrics. The Texas-based bluesman delivered a masterclass in the buildup, warming up the crowd with a couple of songs before throwing down harder with each proceeding tune.

Shane Guerrette / Photo by Fally Afani

The band is on tour with Shane Guerrette, a fresh face on the scene who’s clearly inspired by all the greats who’ve mastered the craft for generations before him (and taking notes very well). The upstate New York musician has been gaining massive notoriety on social media and streaming platforms due to his knack for a nostalgic sound, which is why many arrived early to the Bottleneck to catch his act. Doesn’t hurt that everything he puts out sounds like it was released in the 60’s. The man’s got taste.



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