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Watch The Roseline sing to a baby

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and nothing symbolizes Spring more than a wide-eyed baby, just starting their journey into the world.

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Scruffy and the Janitors releasing series of horror-themed songs

You guys, it is SPOOKY SEASON, and at least one band is already in the Halloween spirit. Scruffy and the Janitors (still a cool band

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All Hail Asmo: The Dark Prince of the Kansas City goths

Every now and then, someone really, truly takes a stab at art. In this case, Asmo killed it. If you’ve been active in the Lawrence

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Cuee and Micha Anne release LFK’s queer anthem of the year

Your 2017 local queer anthem is here, and we are screaming. Cuee’s “Honey” features local trans songstress Micha Anne, and it’s blasting confidence all over

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Ricky Brothers steals the show in Downtown Lawrence

Friday was pretty hoppin’. With it being a Final Fridays art event on top of the normal lively music scene, nearly every venue was filled

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Watch: Sky Smeed at Lucia

If you like your crooners country, you should be keeping tabs on Sky Smeed. The musician has one of the most likable voices in the

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Introducing: Serene Fiend

In the ever-evolving attempt to bring electronic music back into Lawrence’s scene, another musician has switched gears– this time leaning towards a more industrial sound.

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Truckstop Honeymoon tore it up at Frank’s over the weekend

There wasn’t much room for dancing, but that didn’t stop dozens of fans from cutting a rug at Frank’s on Friday night. That’s where Truckstop
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How to rock Lawrence Field Day Fest, according to local musicians

For music lovers in Lawrence, Field Day Fest has become one of the most exciting events of the Summer. What started as strictly a rock