Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and nothing symbolizes Spring more than a wide-eyed baby, just starting their journey into the world. You may remember a couple of Springs ago, when we asked Unfit Wives to sing to a baby. This year, it’s The Roseline’s turn.

Colin Halliburton, the man behind the local country act, agreed to sit down and serenade a baby for our selfish, personal enjoyment. The little star of this show happens to be Colin’s daughter, Ruthie. In addition to balancing life with his doting, adorable, charming, whimsical, cute-as-a-button new baby, Halliburton has also spent much of the pandemic in the studio gearing up for another album. The Roseline’s seventh studio album will be called Seven Hundred Second Chances, and he treats us to one of the songs off the album, “Joy,” with Ruthie in tow.

You can watch below for all the warm fuzzies, and keep an eye out for the album’s release soon (and that means release shows, just in time for the post-pandemic return of live music). Our favorite part is when he looks at her and says “That’s you, meatball!”



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