It’s Spring! The air is warmer! The flowers are blooming! Everything is coming alive! Color is returning back into the landscape, and there’s no better soundtrack than a flowing set of ballads from an all-female bluegrass lineup.

We gathered up the songstresses in Unfit Wives to serenade a baby because why not. During one of the more anticipated Spring seasons in recent memory, watching Unfit Wives croon in front of a wall of cascading flowers seemed fit. The band gives us a sense of being unapologetically feminine, and it can feel empowering.

Songs like “Dreamin'” (below) can feel breezy and wonderful, but we’ve also seen the gals get rowdy as heck during some of their numbers (earning the title of “Bitchin’ Bluegrass” that’s embroidered into some of their merch). We can easily foresee them being one of the most-booked folk acts of the year.

You can watch the clip below, then watch the real thing this Saturday at Kaw Valley Public House in Lawrence.



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