Hot dog! There’s a new rowdy girl bluegrass act in town.

Unfit Wives debuted at Frank’s on Friday. The four figures huddled around a single mic might look familiar to you. Jenna Rae leads this group of top-notch musicians, with Shannon O’Shea on a flawless fiddle and half of Sugar Britches rounding out the rest. Somewhere between MAW’s murder ballads and Sugar Britches’ sexual innuendos, Unfit Wives have found a groove that’s easy to slide into in the local folk and bluegrass scene. Their lyrics teetered from cheeky to sweet, with an audience that never knew what was coming next from these dangerous damsels. They feel like the kind of gals where, if you were to tell them to smile, they’d kick you in the teeth and write to Dolly Parton to brag about it. They were an absolute delight to watch as they harmonized and drowned out the busy crowd at the North Lawrence tavern.

You can hear what they sounded like below, and expect more appearances from these lawless ladies soon.



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