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No one had a better 2019 than Unfit Wives

Unfit Wives / Photo by John Knepper It's incredible to think of what a difference a year can make. Nearly three years ago, Jenna Rae
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Introducing: Unfit Wives

Hot dog! There's a new rowdy girl bluegrass act in town. Unfit Wives debuted at Frank's on Friday. The four figures huddled around a single
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The Midnight Devils tore Lawrence a new one

The Midnight Devils / Photo by Fally Afani Make no mistake about it-- the best rock show in town on Friday night was at Frank's
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Halloween weekend is going to be lit AF this year

There are some years in Lawrence where Halloween is a little lackluster when it comes to live events and concerts surrounding the spooky holiday. 2017

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Photo Gallery: Godzillionaire / Digester / Sister Rat

While a storm raged in the dark Kansas skies Saturday night, a different storm was brewing in the dark, tight quarters of the basement at
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Truckstop Honeymoon tore it up at Frank’s over the weekend

There wasn’t much room for dancing, but that didn’t stop dozens of fans from cutting a rug at Frank’s on Friday night. That’s where Truckstop
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Photo Gallery: The People’s Punk Band / Young Bull / Short Circuit

In a grand stroke of luck, three of the region's most insanely loud bands discovered their schedules lined up for a Friday night rock show.
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We went to six shows in one night to prove a point

Anymore, Friday nights in Lawrence are pretty outrageous. There are just so many events happening at once. This wasn’t even a Final Fridays art walk,


Introducing: Wendy Moira

“This one’s about fuckboys at bars and shows and Subway who are trying to touch you and you’re not having it!” There’s nothing more refreshing


Pickin’ and Picklin’: MAW to play CD release show this weekend

Lawrence loves a good MAW show, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen one. But this weekend, the musical matrons with a flair for