Kadesh Flow with Brass and Boujee / Photo by Fally Afani

Kadesh Flow has written an album that is completely relatable, if you’re a musician. Anything from the creative process to quitting your career in favor of a riskier pursuit in music are all themes on the seven-track (and appropriately named) Otaku Moods from the nerdcore-loving Kansas City rapper.

It’s a thought that races inside every musician’s head constantly… at what point do you drop everything to go full speed in your music career. On Otaku Moods, we get a front row seat to this thought process. Some of these tracks were written in the heat of the moment— the day Kadesh quits his jobs and hops on a plane to play a gamer conference, analyzing your work before and after pursuing music full time, and grappling with how romance plays into the creativity are all addressed upfront.

The album is an extraordinarily well-produced piece combining both traditional and modern trends in music. “Party Thoughts” is one of the standout tracks and features the unmistakable and alluring wailing of local musician Jessica Paige, an accomplishment that will send shivers down any listener’s spine. His nerdcore background bursts through, though, on “Planet Wreck,” where Kadesh raps as Lord Beerus, god of destruction in the Dragonball Super storyline. It’s not unusual to find Kadesh Flow performing at Comic Cons and gaming events.

Otaku Moods is a must-listen not just for musicians, but anyone who’s struggled with balancing life’s passions with their work. The ever-transparent Kadesh Flow keeps it out in the open, giving listeners a unique insight into what happens when you risk it all to put your art first.