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Introducing: Unfit Wives

Hot dog! There's a new rowdy girl bluegrass act in town. Unfit Wives debuted at Frank's on Friday. The four figures huddled around a single
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Introducing: Feast Ov Fools

We've seen what madness looks like, and it resides with Feast Ov Fools. The self-described "gypsy death core" band is brand spanking new, and the
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Photo Gallery: 2016 Middle of the Map Fest, Thursday

We saw a taste of home on the second day of Middle of the Map Fest, thanks to a heavy presence of LFK bands. This
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Photo Gallery: New Year’s Eve with local bands

Lawrence had a pretty stellar lineup of music raging throughout downtown to ring in the new year. We visited three separate venues on New Year’s


Watch: Sugar Britches cover Jim Henson Christmas classic

Our favorite foul-mouthed maidens have treated us once again this year, this year to a holiday classic. The female-fronted folk force just posted a video

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Photo Gallery: Local Musicians on Halloween

Not only did Halloween fall on a Saturday this year, but it also fell on a night where the Royals won and an extra hour

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Album Review: Sugar Britches – “Quit Yer Britchin'”

If you like mild mannered women, this album isn’t for you. If you enjoy damsels with an adventurous sense of humor, then kindly make your


The allure of Sugar Britches

“We like to curse, but we do it real pretty.” Truer words have never been spoken by one of the four vixens that make up


Introducing: Sugar Britches

Be still, our gypsy hearts. Sugar Britches are your new favorite facetious folksters in town. This quartet of sweet, sour, and all things sass have