“We like to curse, but we do it real pretty.” Truer words have never been spoken by one of the four vixens that make up Sugar Britches.

The sassy, all-girl group helped celebrate the Lawrence Community Photo Studio on this most recent Final Friday with one of their infamous sets. The gals have been gaining a lot of steam in Lawrence lately, which explains why they rushed to put together an album set to come out later this year.
Lawrence is right to turn their attention towards these bouncy and gregarious gals. Standing in a half circle around an open guitar case with a sign that proudly displays their name, their songs generally act as a word of caution to single ladies, or advice on how to deal with a long night of drinking. Sugar Britches look and sound like a lot of fun, like they’ve been around the block.

They each seem to have very distinct personalities. One is strikingly tall, another has a voice that can reach the back of the room… and we’re pretty sure one of them is a pirate. Not like the one downtown, but an actual fucking pirate who will take you on adventures!

They were right, though. They do curse real pretty. But they sing real pretty, too. Here are a couple of clips from their Final Friday set:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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