Kadesh Flow / Photo by Fally Afani

It’s always a good day when there’s an opportunity for live music to expand in Lawrence. North Lawrence generally remains a stronghold for venues and untapped space– with Kaw Valley Public House, The Gaslight, and White Schoolhouse serving as a sanctuary for anyone wanting to enjoy stellar live shows north of the river without the madness of Downtown (and with better parking).

Venue 1235 joined those ranks this year as they started booking live music. Previously, the building served as storage for a concert production company. Last Summer, they converted to host weddings and parties. But starting in January, we’ve seen music events filling up the space.

The venue sports fantastic, rich, and visual light shows and expert sound, along with a lengthy bar and its own large parking lot. On Friday, they kick-started the weekend by hosting some of the best hip-hop Lawrence and KC have to offer. The Black Creatures, Kadesh Flow, Approach, and VCMN (also sometimes listed as “Vicman”) all took the stage. These were artists who kept creating throughout the pandemic, and early winter shows at new venues give them opportunities to put those songs into action before taking over festival stages this summer.

The venue already has dance parties and concerts on their upcoming calendar. You can check those out over on their website.



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