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We are here for the new Creepy Jingles releases

The Creepy Jingles are hands-down keeping rock and roll alive in this region. The Kansas City band, fronted by eternal cool-girl Jocelyn Nixon, are frequent

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Wichita bands are ruling the Lawrence music scene right now

Keo and Them / Photo by Fally Afani I know Lawrence is seen as a music town, but trust us when we say that some
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Photo Gallery: Alan Doyle / Approach / Louiz Rip / Sik Daze

Approach / Photo by Fally Afani Every now and then you get one of those shows that just reminds you of all the joys of
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Photo Gallery: Discotek Mama / Breeding Brainbow / Estrogen Projection / Cat F!ght

If you scrounge around the Replay long enough, you'll always run into the newest up-and-coming punk bands. Friday night's set was no different, featuring a
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Photo Gallery: Madness and Melody / Wakarusa Roundabouts / Reagan Zagan

In our continued quest to enjoy live music during the coldest, most depressing time of year, we once again stumbled into the Replay for what
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Photo Gallery: Alien Hellbop / The Fun Guy / discotekmama

If you thought Lawrence music-lovers shied away from dangerously cold temperatures, well... egg on your face (frozen egg on your face?). Because the Replay's matinee
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Betsy O and the Hollaback Boys make good quirky fun

Sometimes we see fun things born out of the shutdown. Such is the case when a handful of musicians tried to pass the time with
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Locals throw down hard for Replay’s 30th

Mouthbreathers / Photo by Fally Afani Think of the rowdiest school reunion you've been to, and that's about what it felt like. The Replay threw
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Costumes and Calamity: October is our rowdiest live music month of the year

Man, this always happens. We have a little bit of calm, and then October comes in full force as the best concert month of the