If you thought Lawrence music-lovers shied away from dangerously cold temperatures, well… egg on your face (frozen egg on your face?). Because the Replay’s matinee was hopping on Friday as three rock bands made it worth the trek out in single-digit temps.

Lawrence has a few husband-and-wife duos in the music scene, but most of them are in the folk genre. Alien Hellbop may be the only one ruling the indie landscape. They’ve become a favorite amongst the townies over the past few years, likely because the expertly-skilled musicians can accomplish a big sound with very little (we are big fans of that teeny tiny guitar).

discotekmama is a band of young indie shredders, comprised of bits and pieces from other parts of the house venue scene (we spotted a couple of members of Jackoffs in there). But The Fun Guy (cool band name) are the newcomers turning heads. The punk rockers win the younger crowds over with their 90’s covers and hot political takes (not surprising from the frontman, who once made a documentary where he really gave it to state politicians and their stance on immigration). While Alien Hellbop are seasoned locals, discotekmama and The Fun Guy (they really are fun guys!) are the newcomers to watch in 2024.



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