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Locals throw down hard for Replay’s 30th

Mouthbreathers / Photo by Fally Afani Think of the rowdiest school reunion you've been to, and that's about what it felt like. The Replay threw
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Costumes and Calamity: October is our rowdiest live music month of the year

Man, this always happens. We have a little bit of calm, and then October comes in full force as the best concert month of the

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Introducing: Cat Fight

Cat Fight / Photo by Fally Afani Bands like Cat Fight are why we need programs like Amplify Lawrence. When you train 'em young, they
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Photo Gallery: Manor Fest 5

Throwing an all-local music festival is no easy task, but Manor Records always seems up to the challenge. For the fifth year, they've assembled an
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Listen: Red Kate release new track “Shut It Down”

Rejoice, comrades! Our favorite cantankerous punks have just released a new track (their first in five years!) that’s a must-listen for your week. “Shut It

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Photo Gallery: Voice of Addiction / The Rackatees / The Scriveners

It was a good old fashioned punk show at the Replay Friday night when Chicago's Voice of Addiction rolled into town. Spirits were high, as
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Vision Video brought the goth out in Lawrence

Vision Video / Photo by Fally Afani It was goths' night out at the Bottleneck on Wednesday thanks a spectacular lineup of eyeliner-clad rockers. Vision
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Watch: Radkey played the KU Men’s Basketball game

Full disclosure of conflict of interest: Editor Fally Afani is an employee of the KU School of Music and therefore connected with the KU Men’s