Cat Fight / Photo by Fally Afani

Bands like Cat Fight are why we need programs like Amplify Lawrence. When you train ’em young, they come out the gate running.

If you are feeling old and your knees hurt, it’s always a good idea to go down to the Replay and soak up some of that young people energy. Cat Fight is nothing but young people energy. Despite being a new and upcoming band, they are technically skilled and absolutely destroy on their instruments. With song titles like “Pervert” and “Shut Up,” you know exactly where they stand. This is a band not to be trifled with. They will walk all over you in their studded boots and white patent leather heels. With a dedicated fan base already out supporting them at live shows (and a fantastic showing at Farmer’s Ball), we expect nothing but grand things from the young punks. Somebody get them on a Skating Polly show stat!

Monochrome Home opened with a very cool 90’s alt/grunge aesthetic (and a bassist that slaaaaaaays). We didn’t get any photos of Mic the Mains because we walked in on their last song because we are dumb and old and always in committee meetings now like a dumb and old person. Dammit.

Photos from the Replay Thursday matinee below, and bonus! Here’s the music video Cat Fight put out earlier this year:



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