Throwing an all-local music festival is no easy task, but Manor Records always seems up to the challenge. For the fifth year, they’ve assembled an exciting affair featuring bands from Lawrence, Kansas City, and a little beyond.

Pure XTC / Photo by John Knepper

Like last year, this year’s festival stretched across two weekends in two cities. It kicked off in Lawrence on Friday and Saturday with a stunning display of talent at Lucia, Replay, Taproom, Gaslight Gardens, and White Schoolhouse. This is an incredible event not just because Manor Records rallies for artists beyond its own roster, but because it takes on the sometimes impossible task of getting Lawrence and Kansas City groups to come together. It didn’t matter if you liked hip-hop, experimental music, or punk rock, the festival reached into untapped genres to find the best of new and emerging acts (and a few old favorites as well). Between the two weekends, more than 50 (50!!) local music acts are scheduled for the festival.

The festival continues next weekend in Kansas City. Photos below from Fally Afani and John Knepper.



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