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Feel the burn with Thighmaster’s new music video

New year, new me, right? Well, considering the pandemic we may just skip the gym instead and opt for a home workout. Luckily, our dear

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We couldn’t decide which local band to see Friday night, so we saw all of them

Friday night was a pretty banner night for the local music scene. There were so many good shows spanning so many genres and catering to
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Lawrence musicians join Dressy Bessy onstage

You have to be a very bold (and skilled) musician to pull this off. Dressy Bessy / Photo by Fally Afani On Friday night, Dressy

Sing and sway with this catchy Mat Shoare track

Don’t listen to this song if you don’t want to wiggle your hips a little bit. Mat Shoare is an interesting cat. To call his


Watch: The Wandering Lake in a field of sunflowers

It’s easy to see why folks take to The Wandering Lake so easily. Laid back, breezy, and just right for fans of mellow. It’s drama-free


Watch: La Guerre at the Bottleneck

It’s been a while since we checked in with La Guerre, but it was worth the wait. Watching La Guerre is like watching a butterfly


Fans get freaky at Forever Fest

The Lawrence label boasting musicians that like to get weird lived up to its reputation on Friday. Whatever Forever held a mini festival of sorts


Paper Buffalo makes it look easy

Lawrence really just cannot get enough of Paper Buffalo. The heavy-numbered band of fairly young musicians played the Jackpot over the weekend. Their fans were


Lawrence Field Day Fest explodes into action with diverse performances

Talk about a complete 180 from last year. This year’s Lawrence Field Day Fest is already one for the books, and we’re only halfway through.


Watch: Ghosty performs new music at the Replay

During the last couple of sets we’ve seen from Ghosty, we’ve seen a handful of new songs from the band. They debuted some of them