New year, new me, right?

Well, considering the pandemic we may just skip the gym instead and opt for a home workout. Luckily, our dear friends in Thighmaster are back with their translucently recognizable brand of 80’s-fitness-themed-breeze-rock. As if writing out that genre wasn’t enough of a workout, they’ve now released a video for “Jillian Michaels Wellness Cruise.” Don’t let the title fool you, though. Those distorted clips in the video are from Jane Fonda’s noted (and GUH-LORIOUS!) workout tapes. I mean, Jillian Michaels is absolutely shredded, but Fonda’s tapes (in our casual opinions) carry a certain grace that belongs in a breezy, yacht-rock-esque indie band.

Word on the street is that Thighmaster, hot on the heels of Between the Knees and Squeeze, has yet another batch of music coming in 2021. The aforementioned album via High Dive Records ended on our year-end best-of and must-have lists, so we are naturally expecting grand things from the group. In the meantime, you can feel the burn with Thighmaster in their latest video below, which comes via local video artist Fuzzy Optics.



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