It’s no secret that when the pandemic hit, folks turned to nature and green spaces for comfort. Even though we’re in the frigid winter months, the beautiful community of Lawrence still has plenty of ways to safely take in the outdoors. So we took a walk with Jenna Rae (of Unfit Wives fame) along the Kansas River Trail while she sang us a tune on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Jenna has been busy dividing her time between her solo project, her work with musical and life partner Martin (with new music coming in 2021), and Unfit Wives. She live streams performances regularly, and the band even played a pandemic parking lot show at Theatre Lawrence in the Fall. You can also follow Lost Cowgirl’s upcoming releases here.

You can watch “Milk and Honey” below.

For a full list of trails, parks, greenways, and other public spaces in Lawrence, you can visit the City’s list of green spaces here.



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