Don’t listen to this song if you don’t want to wiggle your hips a little bit.

Mat Shoare is an interesting cat. To call his music indie rock would really just be an injustice. He knows how to translate vintage styles to modern tastes (remember his surf rock band, The Empty Spaces?), and his latest single is a delightful example of that.

“I-Yi-Yi” has been a pretty popular staple at shows in the past, so fans of Shoare’s work will be thrilled to know they can finally listen to the recorded version. We envision 50’s-era housewives making dinner in the kitchen, listening to this tune, and singing along (while swaying their hips, mind you) as they work away. Maybe, occasionally, someone will cut in for a dance. At just two and a half minutes, the pleasant tune is much too short. Additionally, the music is far too jolly for us to mind the depressing lyrics (Shoare always tricks us with sad lyrics over upbeat tunes).

No shows on the agenda for now (boo), but you can gIve this a listen below, and try not to sing along. Chances are it’ll get stuck in your head. Keep an eye out for his EP release in late January.



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