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Photo Gallery: The Lil’ Pig festival

The Whiffs / Photo by Fally Afani It was one of those nights where the stars just aligned so well. How else could you explain
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Photo Gallery: Manor Fest 5

Throwing an all-local music festival is no easy task, but Manor Records always seems up to the challenge. For the fifth year, they've assembled an
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Photo Gallery: 2018 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 1

The first day of Field Day Fest kicked off with a diverse set of shows that treated audiences to rock, hip-hop, and indie acts from
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How to Rock Lawrence Field Day Fest, 2017 Edition

We are now less than a week away from local music’s most exciting moment of the Summer. Lawrence Field Day Fest, now in its sixth

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Photo Gallery: 2017 Middle of the Map Fest, Thursday

This year's Middle of the Map Fest started off with a strong showing of local bands and a bigger sprawl over Kansas City. While The

Underdogs rule final night of Field Day Fest

Lawrence is a music town. It’s no secret. So naturally, we have an abundance of musicians here. A band could have a hard time standing


A stormy soiree: Replay rocks rainy Spring Into Summer Fest

April showers brought a lot more than May flowers this year. As expected, it stormed Kansas-style at this year’s Spring Into Summer Fest at the


Rock and Roll Badlands: All Them Witches

by Leroy Pristach Progressive, Black Sabbath, Quentin Tarantino screaming down a desert highway with a gun in your hand style southern rock. That’s the best


Bands we adored at SXSW that are coming here

At this year’s SXSW, we found ourselves wandering into a lot of random events and discovering brand new bands. To our delight, we also realized