by Leroy Pristach

Progressive, Black Sabbath, Quentin Tarantino screaming down a desert highway with a gun in your hand style southern rock. That’s the best way to describe Nashville, Tennessee’s All Them Witches.

The band’s 30 minute performance at the SXSW BMI showcase only consisted of 3 separate songs, and although the tunes were long, they were far from boring. All Them Witches’ brand of psychedelic blues is a refreshing ride through low plains of ethereal, emotive darkness and almost sudden climbs into Sabbath-esque rock and roll badlands. All within the same tune.

The band’s stage presence lands right inside the Goldie locks zone of straight perfection. More than active enough with killer solos and head banging craziness to make them interesting to watch, but not so over the top and bantery as to muddy the experience.

To quote one newly minted local fan; “Every few years a band comes along to renew my faith in rock and roll. This is that band.” Too true, sir. Too true.

Words and photos by Leroy Pristach



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