“Always Speak Out.” Wise words from the women of rock and roll

As if it weren’t already hard enough to work as a musician, women have added prejudices working against them. Kesha, Bjork, and Best Coast’s Bethany

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Photo Gallery: SXSW 2016

Photos by Fally Afani and Leroy Pristach

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LFK gets weird at SXSW with I Heart Local Music

Well, shit got weird at SXSW. This was expected, considering the Lawrence bands that descended upon the festival. Some of those bands congregated at the


Announcing: The I Heart Local Music 2016 SXSW Lineup

In just a few short weeks, rockers will migrate down to Austin, TX, for the SXSW music festival. The warm air will be filled with


I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” set for February 12th and 13th

It seems like every year, Lawrence is blessed with new acts that make stunning new impressions. Next month, we’ll be bringing some of those acts


Championing music: How KEXP raises the bar for bands across the country

Editor’s note: I Heart Local Music spent time in Seattle this Summer and spoke with some influential players in the music scene. This is the

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Photo Gallery: SXSW 2015

SXSW felt a little more manageable in 2015, but was still wild and colorful as ever. The festival ditched some of the bigger names in

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Photo Gallery: The Noise FM at Midcoast Takeover

The Noise FM brought down the house at the Friday night Midcoast Takeover Showcase. While the rain brought all of the day’s festivities indoors, the

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Shamir is America’s Sweetheart

Let me tell you what an absolute joy it is to be in the presence of America’s sweetheart, Shamir. We caught Shamir at the SXSW