Sometimes we see fun things born out of the shutdown. Such is the case when a handful of musicians tried to pass the time with all their gigs cancelling due to COVID. What resulted is the fun and very quirky Betsy O and the Holllaback Boys, who decided to acoustically tackle pop, rock, and hip-hop song with a bluegrass twist. We love it when music is unapologetically fun, merry, and a little cheeky. Betsy O and the boys lean into this hard.

They’ve been slowly building a fan base over the last year, tackling anything from Lorde to George Michael at their shows. Though, currently, fans are digging their honky-tonk take on Beyonce (as was the case with their Friday matinee at Replay). Nothing they do is typical, even their approach to their instruments is a little unconventional (using a guitar as a percussion instrument), so you’ll enjoy something new when you see them. This band pairs well with Cowtown Country Club and any rowdy campground stage at Winfield, so keep an eye on them to make big waves in 2024.



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