Jocelyn Olivia Nixon of The Creepy Jingles / Photo by John Knepper

The Creepy Jingles are hands-down keeping rock and roll alive in this region. The Kansas City band, fronted by eternal cool-girl Jocelyn Nixon, are frequent faces in Lawrence.

They’ve gained notable popularity due to their thrilling live shows, expert guitar work, and heart-racing rhythms. Their latest single, “Repeat After Me,” is no different. Our only complaint is that it’s too short! We demand more! Clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s definitely a barn-burner that causes a commotion at their shows. We can’t wait to throw down with them.

If you care to join, they’ll be throwing down (hard) with Jackoffs and Pale Tongue at the Replay on April 20. That much debauchery in one setting? On 4/20?? With THOSE bands???? Pray for us.



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