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Photo Gallery: Gullywasher / Jenna & Martin / Folk in the Flow

Nowadays when you go to a show at your local watering hole, the chatter from random audience members is all about the COVID vaccine. Everyone's
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Introducing: Half Tiger Half Bear

Over the past year, we’ve heard rumblings pop up about a soothing Americana act in town. So it was no surprise when we were wooed

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Photo Gallery: Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band / Matt Pryor

Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band / Photo by Fally Afani Lawrence holds a special place in Josh Ritter's heart. This is why, on

Terribly Intentional: Nicholas St. James to celebrate his true form at album release show

In October of 2014, Nicholas St. James performed in front of a large crowd in the theatre of the Lawrence Arts Center. The folk artist

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Album Review: Nicholas St. James – “Theatres”

by Nathan Cardiff I realize it’s only February, but the most fascinating musical moment of this whole year might be a kazoo solo. That’s right;


Pickin’ and Picklin’: MAW to play CD release show this weekend

Lawrence loves a good MAW show, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen one. But this weekend, the musical matrons with a flair for


Glad Bag song receives fantastic fanfare at anniversary show

It was probably the chairs that grabbed everyone’s attention at first. There were rows of them, all lined up in front of the stage at


Watch: The Roseline at Love Garden

After getting delayed a couple of weeks (Royals, cough cough, Royals), The Roseline finally celebrated its reentrance into the scene with a new album, Townie.


Jess Williamson treats KC to soothing Americana

Czar bar eased into Friday night with a set from Jess Williamson, a banjo strumming, indie Americana player from Austin. Williamson’s Ani Difranco voice blended