It’s hard not to feel a little grim as the days get grayer and the sun disappears sooner. The Roseline’s Colin Halliburton dives head-first into those fuddy-duddy feelings with “Hot Dice,” a slow-burner of a tune from the popular and well-liked roots act. Once again, Halliburton is holding up a mirror to some of our most avoided emotions by writing them out intricately in the lyrics of his songs.

“Hot Dice is a self-deprecating exploration of my tendency to ruin otherwise joyful moments with polarizing political conversation pieces or fatalistic and rambling soliloquies” Halliburton told us. “By the end of the song, I learn to be less of a vibe killer and just tell aa gross joke instead.'”

Listen, pal. We’ve all been there.

You can listen to the new track below, and check The Roseline out in person (“gross” jokes and all) at the Replay on November 25 (oh boy! a matinee!).



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