Spring is just the best time of year, isn’t it? The weather is warm, the street sweepers are out getting rid of all that sand on the roads, flowers are starting to bloom, and babies are getting sung to… well, at least in our world, they are.

Continuing our annual tradition, we rallied local musicians to sing to a baby to help celebrate the Spring season. This time, we’ve convinced Carswell & Hope to sing to Baby Joey ahead of their show at Liberty Hall this weekend. “Songs from Ireland” is also an annual tradition, though this will be the first time we’re seeing it since pre-pandemic times. Resident Irishman Nick Carswell organizes the event with an all-star cast of musicians every year to celebrate songs by Irish musicians. This year, he’ll be joined by his bandmates in Carswell & Hope, Calvin Arsenia, Ashley Davis, and the Kansas City Irish Dance Company. You can learn more about the even here.

Before heading to the big gig this weekend, you can watch Carswell & Hope sing “Without You” to a baby below (added bonus: both of this baby’s parents are in the band, which is why he’s mostly clinging to his fiddler mother). Baby videos are kind of a one-shot deal, and can be a little chaotic (they’ve been known to run off with parts of instruments during past videos). You generally have about 30 seconds before they check out and start getting grabby. We commend Carswell for dangling his keys to keep the little fella interested.

You can watch our previous “Sings to a Baby” videos here.



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