All we want for all of our trans friends is to see them living their best lives. The finest example of this sentiment that we can think of is Cuee and his approach to making music in Lawrence. The rapper has always been an open book when it comes to his identity, struggles, and triumphs. In return, Lawrence has thrown plenty of love his way, so it’s no wonder that every little accomplishment feels like a reason to celebrate.

Earlier this Summer, Cuee went straight from the stage at Lawrence PRIDE to the operating table where he finally fulfilled one of his biggest goals in his journey: top surgery. Two weeks post-op, he decided to celebrate with a music video showing celebrating this final major step in his journey. He hit the streets of Lawrence for “Man Now,” where he celebrates the body he was always meant to show off. You’ll see some familiar landmarks, including The Bottleneck and even the banners that showcase his image as part of the local eXplore Lawrence tourism campaign.

We’re very happy for you, Cuee. Now get some REST.

You can watch the video below:



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