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Cuee had top surgery and immediately shot a music video to celebrate

All we want for all of our trans friends is to see them living their best lives. The finest example of this sentiment that we

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The Creepy Jingles release new video for “Trojan Horse Girl”

If you like theatrics revolving around dysfunctional families and terrifying children’s shows, The Creepy Jingles have a music video for you. They just released the

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Country darlings Jenna and Martin release adorable, romantic music video

If you needed a feel-good moment this week, this is it. One of the most recognizable duos in the local folk scene are putting the

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Bloom’s new music video is totally trippy, you guys

We dig bands that are still creating during the quarantine. Bloom has been making a name for themselves as one of Lawrence’s sludgiest psych-rock bands,

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Watch: Ebony Tusks’ new video for “Chuck Ds”

We can really expect no shortage of music videos from a group like Ebony Tusks. Earlier this year, they released a stunning entry for NPR’s

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The Ovaries-eez release new music video

Last week, we told you about a surprise EP from The Ovaries-eez. Today, they’ve released an accompanying music video for one of the tracks. “The

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Mac Lethal rapped about the Theory of Relativity

Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal is no stranger to viral fame. His “27 Styles of Rapping” video racked up more than 11 million hits on

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Duncan Burnett celebrates his family in new music video

We can’t seem to let a month go by without seeing something spectacular from Duncan Burnett. On the heels of a series of striking Summer

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Watch: Hyperbor release sludgy new music video

Very few local acts release music videos anymore, and the ones that are artistic are few and far between. While normally the best music videos

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Split Lip Rayfield nerd out in new music video

If you love nerd shit and bluegrass, this video’s for you. Split Lip Rayfield just released an over-the-top, geeked-out video (complete with cheesy green-screened-in graphics)