Gotta say, this was a pretty big Easter egg for fans of both local music and voice actors (me).

A lot of you may not recognize John Roberts right away, but you will recognize his unmistakable voice. In one part of his life, he voices Linda Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers.” In the other part of his life, he makes some pretty killer dance tracks with a major 80’s synth vibe.

His latest release, “Nothin 4 Something” solidifies his place in the genre (this takes us back to our Fischerspooner days, y’all). But the bigger story here is the array of musicians that join him in the music video at the end. You’ll recognize THE MAN HIMSELF Dee Radkey (or Radkey), as well as Michelle Bacon, Heidi Gluck, Chase the Horseman, Julia Haile, and Landon Patterson (whom we know from the drag world). God, we wish they were all in an actual band together (*makes a small prayer to the big gay music gods*). The video is a fun, synth-saturated romp in black and white until the end when Roberts joins the band, and then everyone’s dressed like Michael Jackson from the “Beat It!” video (whoever supplied them with that much red leather, please make me a jacket).

How did a bunch of local musicians land in this video? It was produced by Ssion, who is half-based in Kansas City and used to throw some pretty killer shows in Lawrence back in the day (don’t tell anyone how old I am!). It was also shot on the stage at Johnson County Community College.

This is a pretty good banger for your weekend, so give it a listen below:



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