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Watch: Heidi Gluck sings to a baby

There’s a reason why we love Spring in Lawrence, Kansas. For one, we get to see a plethora of amazing show announcements as the weather

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Local musicians celebrate love of Beatles with video, upcoming show

It’s an exciting month for local Beatles fans. In addition to their recent release “Now and Then,” dubbed “the last Beatles song,” there’s a chance

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A bunch of local musicians appeared in a music video for a well-known voice actor

Gotta say, this was a pretty big Easter egg for fans of both local music and voice actors (me). A lot of you may not

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Photo Gallery: Heidi Gluck / Frightened Stag / Daniel Gum

Heidi Gluck / Photo by Fally Afani We've had a lot of well-crafted hometown shows lately, and this one is taking a place at the

Watch: Mr. and Mrs. Dodge at the Replay

"Is anyone here from Seattle?" *silence* "Good, then you won't be offended!" This is generally the manner in which Arthur Dodge, along with Mrs. Dodge
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Love and Aggression: After five years, Approach finally unleashes tension-filled album

Nothing Approach has done was ever ill-timed, and his latest album is no exception. Merely, Minutes In A Day [Section2: Antique Mall] is a culmination

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Photo Gallery: Bill Callahan / Heidi Gluck on the Library Lawn

Normally when you see an outdoor show Downtown, you're likely to hear fast-paced party music (we've seen anything from funk and soul to rapid bluegrass
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Myers Ballroom Revue to showcase songwriting and storytelling

This part of the state is a bit of a live music mecca, but bars and traditional venues aren’t for everyone. This is where The

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“A Reflection of Me:” When motherhood and making music match up

Managing a band can be a lot like managing a family. You’ve gotta get everyone from point A to point B for important events, present