Normally when you see an outdoor show Downtown, you’re likely to hear fast-paced party music (we’ve seen anything from funk and soul to rapid bluegrass on outdoor stages here). But on Friday night, LFK was treated to a more soothing affair when the Library traded their winter ice rink schemes for Summer concert dreams.

The very earnest and sobering Bill Callahan headlined the free event, along with the equally melancholy Heidi Gluck. Together, they provided delicate yet weighty music for the everyman-and-woman. Fans were offered a brief release from the world and stretched out on the lawn in favor of Callahan’s dry wit. He performed in front of an orange sunset blistering its way into the horizon, his deep baritone vocals vibrating through the air. These were the warm July nights we dreamed about during the endless frozen days of the Polar Vortex. Thank God for the Summer.



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