There’s a reason why we love Spring in Lawrence, Kansas. For one, we get to see a plethora of amazing show announcements as the weather warms up. But also, it’s when we do our annual “Sings to a Baby” video series.

This year, we invited Heidi Gluck to help us ring in the Spring season and sing to a baby. The musician-about-town (and recent Phoenix Award recipient) plopped down on a picnic blanket with her bandmate’s young (and very shy) daughter, Zadie. Did you know Zadie is also very musically talented? She provides some percussion via a half-consumed box of tic tacs in the video from the safety of her mother’s lap. Fun fact: Zadie’s older sister Ruthie was in one of our previous “Sings to a Baby” videos in 2021.

Heidi is currently on tour in Sweden with The Roseline for the remainder of the month. If you need your Heidi fix, check out the video below of Heidi singing “Planes Fly Low” from her recently released album, Migrate or Die:


Bonus: Heidi currently has a pretty baller remix of her song “Severance” out with Gregory Lattimer:



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