Personally, I love things that are unapologetically feminine. That time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s where rom-coms ruled the movie theaters? Pink everything? 13 Going On 30? Fuck yes. This might be why ASPN’s music takes us to a very special place. It’s a joyful pop-infused romp that immediately takes us to the moment in a lighthearted film where the protagonist finds true love.

Their debut album (DEBUT!!!) is coming out on April 2nd, with a show to follow at Minibar on April 6. While the title track came for In This Dream out in the Fall, the band’s been at work getting the rest of the album ready. It’s hard to believe that this, for many members of the band, is their first venture into songwriting. While the lyrics can at some times be a touch somber, they counter it with music that gets you dancing. You can give them a listen below and see them at Minibar in Kansas City on April 6.



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