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Cuee had top surgery and immediately shot a music video to celebrate

All we want for all of our trans friends is to see them living their best lives. The finest example of this sentiment that we

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LK Ultra ferociously stand up for trans women in new single “Pussy Hat”

LK Ultra have never shied away from activism and human rights. Their knack for combining art and revolution comes to the forefront this week with

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Photo Gallery: Kim Petras at the Truman

On Sunday, international pop star and queer icon Kim Petras stopped by the Truman in Kansas City as part of The Clarity tour. It was
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Cuee and Micha Anne release LFK’s queer anthem of the year

Your 2017 local queer anthem is here, and we are screaming. Cuee’s “Honey” features local trans songstress Micha Anne, and it’s blasting confidence all over