When trans musician Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, of The Creepy Jingles, saw anti-trans bills sweeping one legislature after another in this country, she felt what a lot of us felt- an impending sense of dread. But then, like most people, she decided it was time to get to work… and when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and stand up to the man, she did what anyone would do: she turned to rock and roll.

Nixon started organizing a fundraiser to help other trans individuals like her in the community and decided a great place to start was supporting Amplify Lawrence, a gender-inclusive rock camp for the kids. She called upon help from fellow rockers in Mellowphobia and LYXE, and plucked a few drag queens out of the scene as well. Together, they are now throwing one hell of a party at the Bottleneck this Saturday, August 26. Full disclosure, I Heart Local Music is a happy sponsor on this lineup. We sat down and talked with one of the scene’s most treasured rock musicians about the upcoming show and the message it sends out.

IHLM: Your upcoming fundraiser, Rock, Roll & A Drag Show: Amplify the Law” has a hell of a lineup with both rockers and drag performers. It looks pretty badass! What should attendees expect?

JN: Attendees should expect to have fun and come out with the intention to celebrate and donate to a fantastic organization like Amplify Lawrence. We have DJ Chance Romance doing a set to kick us off, we have three amazing drag performers: Kansas Campbell-Mykals, MsAmanda Love, and Jeni Tonic. We have a few sponsors like Highdive Records and Manor Records offering us some cool merch to raffle off. We have all these great local organizations tabling, and finishing off the evening with a rock n roll show with Mellowphobia, LYXE and The Creepy Jingles.

Jocelyn Olivia Nixon of The Creepy Jingles / Photo by John Knepper

IHLM: What are your personal hopes for this fundraiser?

JN: To continue to connect our local music scene with our LGBTQIA plus community. There’s a lot of overlap between artists and social justice and we should all be more supportive of one another. So I hope it can continue to encourage other community members/ allies to step up and fight for trans rights all year long not just during Pride Month when it’s easy to show up dancing with a rainbow or trans flag button on.

IHLM: As an advocate for trans rights, how does it feel to be using your platform to support this very important cause?

JN: With the state of the world as is, it’s non-negotiable. I must stand up and speak out. Anyone who sees anything wrong with the world should be standing up and speaking out. I’m tired of feeling like we are at best tolerated when we should be celebrated.

Early in my journey I was very focused on my own internal healing and kind of coy to speak up. I’m typically one to sit back and watch and learn from others for awhile before I jump into anything but I feel like I no longer have that luxury. We no longer have time to pause. Over the last couple years I’ve been shocked and disappointed to see so many people be silent when trans women are murdered, and look the other way when certain network based political pundits and incendiary artists lie and distort the facts to stir up hate and hysteria amongst their viewers and voter base to further embolden anti trans legislation. Politicians are the ones trying to weaponize identity and bully a group of people who only make up about 1% of the population. In reality we are just human beings with a different experience trying to go about lives seeking love, truth, happiness, and harmony.

IHLM: How has your personal journey as a trans woman worked its way into your experience as a musician?

JN: My whole experience as a musician has always been synonymous with my trans experience in the sense that I’m always exploring the self, navigating relationships, trying to learn from past experiences, grow and move forward. I think as we embrace ourselves we create more love within our inner and outer world. I just want to be the best me I can be.

You can rock out withe The Creepy Jingles and host of rock bands and drag queens this Saturday, August 26th, at the Bottleneck.



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