We all know that Sky Smeed writes some beautiful and romantic music. But every now and then, he writes a pretty silly one (“Bumper Sticker” is one of our favorites). Well, after threatening to write about eating squirrels for years, he’s finally done it.

Smeed just released “Chicken of the Trees,” a fun little bluegrass romp about, uh, squirrel meat. In the song, he proclaims that he inherited a squirrel meat farm in Arkansas (he didn’t), and then proceeds to detail the joys of… squirrel meat. Smeed says “I figured we all needed a good laugh right about now.” The tune comes in at just under two minutes, and comes with a fun little video he released this week.

If this isn’t really your jam, you could always go back to that song where Sky won’t stop talking about that fish he caught once.



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