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Photo Gallery: 2022 Kaw River Roots Fest, Day 1

It's bluegrass week here in Lawrence. It's actually a pretty big music weekend overall in Larryville-- but if your grass is blue, then Kaw River
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Sky Smeed releases song about squirrel meat

We all know that Sky Smeed writes some beautiful and romantic music. But every now and then, he writes a pretty silly one (“Bumper Sticker”

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Kaw River Roots Fest kicks off with local-heavy festivities

Kaw River Roots Fest / Photo by Fally Afani Vaccines may have been required at Kaw River Roots Fest, but shoes were optional. That became
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Sky Smeed finds “True Love” in quarantine isolation

If there’s one thing local folkster Sky Smeed learned during the quarantine, it’s the art of adaptability. One moment, musicians were playing shows and planning

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Sky Smeed played a pretty perfectly socially distanced show this weekend

Quarantining during a pandemic is testing folks in any line of business, but it's been especially hard for entertainers. How do you please a crowd...
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We miss you, sweethearts

We miss you, sweethearts... and local musicians miss you, too. So we asked a few folk musicians in the area to gather 'round for a
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Photo Gallery: Live on Mass with Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear / Pony Bradshaw / Sky Smeed

In what seemed an endless string of Fourth of July celebrations, Lawrence celebrated a long holiday weekend with another free, outdoor concert on Saturday. This
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Sky Smeed releases single ahead of album release

One of the region’s calmest country crooners just released a sentimental little tune that’s entirely relatable to anyone who’s ever felt a deep connection with

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Watch Sky Smeed in the studio

We don’t know what it is about Sky Smeed‘s voice, but it can just make you melt sometimes. The country darling can make any mundane