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Brick + Mortar to bring positivity, onstage antics to Lawrence

You will never experience anything quite like a Brick + Mortar show. The band is known for wild antics that include an array of props,

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Bacon Brothers bringing love of music and family to Kansas City

You’d think that working alongside a sibling for more than two decades could get a little tense. But for Michael and Kevin Bacon, who are

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How to rock Field Day Fest, 2019 edition

This weekend is the local music scene’s time to shine. Revelers will scatter across Downtown (and in North in Lawrence) for Field Day Fest to

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We quizzed mother-son duo Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear to see how well they really know each other

Anyone who’s ever worked in the family business understands the importance of a little privacy every now and then. But when the family business involves

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Lawrence musician to play 50 songs for his 50th birthday

It’s nearly impossible to live in Lawrence for any length of time and not get involved in live music… but Tim Manning takes the (birthday)

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Local musician to tackle struggles of immigration with visually stunning light show

It seems like when musicians in Lawrence really want to submerge their audiences in a delight for the eyes and ears, they head to the

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We asked a local Irish musician about Irish things ahead of his Irish show

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, Lawrence will soon be seeing green. But parades and green beer aside, it’ll be important to view the

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New online music channel Coop Sessions throws local music in the spotlight

It looks like Lawrence has its own online music channel now. The program, titled The Coop Sessions, has been busy over the past few months

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HighWesthus has released an epic short film and corresponding album

The amount of effort, time, and energy HighWesthus has continues to baffle us. Last year, instead of releasing just one album, he released three at

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On its 25th anniversary, local musicians remain loyal to the legendary Replay Lounge

Damn, Replay! Has it already been 25 years? Seems like only yesterday we were discovering the joys of a dive venue at one of the