Ever hear the phrase “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” During the pandemic, it was easy to dive head-first into a hobby if you lost your jobby. Musicians, especially, were sidelined during the pandemic. But they picked up some nice hobbies while waiting for live music to return.

While many shows are cancelling and rescheduling due to the massive Omicron surge, it may be time to dig deep into those hobbies again. Here are musicians who took their sidequests to the next level during the pandemic, and are still at it!

Name: Robbie Robinson
Band: LK Ultra
My Pandemic Hobby: Crocheting

Robbie Robinson hard at work crocheting
“During the start of the pandemic, I taught myself how to crochet! I’m an artist. I’ve always loved drawing and painting, but after discovering all of the textures and colors in the yarn section of the craft store I became obsessed with making this wearable art. It’s one thing to paint something beautiful to look at, but it’s another to be able to feel something beautiful that can be worn every day. I am now the proud owner of at minimum 75 different skeins of yarn, tucked away in various closets.

Robbie Robinson models a finished piece
I’m sticking with crochet because I love how resourceful and creative it makes me feel. I also love donating scarves and hats to those in need. I also haven’t just stopped at crocheting, I’ve become obsessed with how yarn is dyed, how the fiber is spun, and even how to raise the sheep that make all of this possible. My ultimate life goal is to own a sheep farm to supply my own yarn for my art.”


Name: Joel Bonner
Band: Serene Fiend
My Pandemic Hobby: Painting

Joel Bonner and one of his oil paintings.
“I’ve always been drawn to oil paintings – particularly vivid, abstract pieces. I have a small archive of visual pieces that educate the aesthetic of Serene Fiend’s artwork and vibe. A while back I bought an illustration app for my iPad and dabbled with it so I could begin sketching ideas for Serene Fiend that I could pass along to Quiet Vessel when we collaborate on graphics for SF. That led to me wondering about trying my hand at oils for real, so I did tons of research and really observed the craft and decided to go for it!

It’s been a wonderful way to stay creative and keep my brain working away from music. I’ve been a musician for 20 years and performing for around 12, and I was feeling a need for something creatively fulfilling that wasn’t music. Oils are as delicate and precise or visceral and spontaneous as you want, and I really enjoy those qualities. My approach to Serene Fiend is very methodical and calculated, and oils are quite the opposite most of the time for me. It’s helped create a balance for my creative urges.”


Name: Suzannah Johannes
My Pandemic Hobby: Selling Antiques

Suzannah Johanne took up selling antiques during the pandemic

“I spent the first year of the pandemic like most people, making bread, trying to stay away from people, trying to get outside, and just riding the pandemic roller coaster (that seems to go on forever). In 2021, a few things happened, but the major one was that I finally tried medication for depression and anxiety. Because of that, I felt more able to make some changes in my life and try something new.

Some of Suzannah Johannes’ antiques
I have always loved antiques, especially vintage holiday decorations. My mom had a gift shop in the small town I grew up in and sold antiques and imports, including Christmas decorations. I started out thinking I’d sell her collection but then quickly amassed my own. It is definitely a hobby, and I try not to spend a lot of time or money on it. I’ve learned a lot and am thankful to have had some great mentors, like Randy Walker, Cindy from Blackbird, Matt Suggs, and Kelley from the Antique Mall. My favorite part about it is connecting with people about nostalgia, and the sparkle… I love the sparkle.”


Name: Cuee
My Pandemic Hobby: LEGOS!

Cuee works on one of his LEGO sets
“Since I was child, I’ve always been drawn to Legos. I remember playing with Lego sets for hours and I kinda let it go as I grew older. More recently I’ve been on a journey of healing and figuring out what brings me happiness – outside of music. It’s been perfect timing to tap back into my “inner-child” and experience joy during this time.

It’s been a Peaceful experience. This is my third Lego set, and I experience nothing but peace while putting Lego pieces together.”



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